Retirement Twilight Zone

A military retiree lost 20 years of creditable service when he turned 62. This was over half of his retirement benefit. What happened? A CSRS employee retired and elected full survivor benefits for his spouse. After retirement, the couple divorced and she was awarded half of his retirement. A year later he died and she got nothing. A 61 year-old woman put her retirement application in to retire at the end of the month. She was wearing her 20-year service pin, but she was not eligible to retire. Why not?


Join Bob Leins as he hosts the first ever NITP 'Stories from the Twilight Zone of Retirement Benefits.' Tammy Flanagan, James Marshall and Bob Braunstein recount and explain some strange, but true, stories from the world of retirement planning.

Topics Include

  • Pay and Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits Processing
  • Retirement Planning