Deposits Or Redeposits — Are They For Me?

Federal benefits specialist James Marshall joins host Bob Leins to discuss the various types of federal service that may be creditable for retirement under CSRS and FERS — for both eligibility and computation purposes.


After explaining what deposits and redeposits are, James Marshall discusses examples of both so that you may understand the advantages of using this service on your future retirement benefits.

Topics Include

  • What is Deposit and Redeposit Service? Why do some people call this a “buyback?”
  • How do people find out if they have unpaid Deposit or Redeposit Service?
  • How much does a person owe for unpaid deposit/redeposit service? How is interest on the unpaid amount computed?
  • Why would I want to make this payment? How does it affect my retirement planning? How does it affect my retirement benefits?
  • Are there scenarios where it’s more favorable for some people to make these payments versus others? Is there a “rule of thumb” that someone might go by?
  • Is there anything that a federal employee who is retired from the military should be aware of in regards to this topic?
  • James Marshall addresses these various scenarios, answers listeners’ phone calls and gives his best advice to those who might have unpaid deposit/redeposit service.