Company Overview:

Federal Retirement Planning, LLC

FRP, LLC was organized to provide subject matter expertise to federal agencies and employees in the areas related to federal retirement benefits.  The owner, James Marshall, realized that very few people truly understood the nuances of the laws and regulations that govern federal retirement benefits and even fewer knew how to explain the details to the people who really needed the information: the federal community.

James Marshall is a proven subject matter expert in the areas related to federal retirement benefits.  He has a vast understanding of the effects that various decisions can have on federal retirement benefits, and his knowledge of how the benefit programs operate are indispensable.

“I have come across many individuals at the time of retirement (and sometimes years after retirement) that tell me they wished they would have spoken to someone like me earlier.  They would have made different decisions, some of which were now irrevocable.  Some of these decisions could have saved them a lot of money, or would have netted more retirement income.”

His skill to take these complicated topics and interpret them into simple-to-understand subjects is unsurpassed.  Because of his attention to detail and sincere desire to provide the best, most personal service, James has been the “go to” retirement counselor at every agency he has worked with.

“I sincerely care about the people I help, and I think they deserve the best service possible.  I want them to fully understand their options and benefits and I want them to feel comfortable with their retirement decisions.”

James can help you become better prepared for your future federal retirement and give you greater confidence, as you will be aware of any unique circumstances that might impact your future benefits.  After spending time with James, there shouldn’t be any surprises at the time of retirement, and you’ll be properly educated and equipped to make the best decisions for you and your family.